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Website Developing + Website Design + Graphic Design + Identity Design

Here at Dokmeh, we believe in making the most impossible ideas possible. Communication has risen to a level of potential accuracy and efficiency that has never been seen before. We seek to create the clearest link between your idea and your target, even if it seems beyond possibility. The link between your identity, your message, and its audience is our specialty. Fusing a creative and artistic approach with technical savvy, the final product will surpass your expectations.

Farzad Kafaie

ceo / founder

Creative Director

Nationality : Iran

start from 2007

Ciw license

Farzad Kafaei
Majid Sa`adat

front-end Developer

project manager

Nationality : Iran

start from 2014

Ciw license

Farzad Kafaei
Juliana Hebenstrite

Interior manager

Project/Content manager

Nationality : U.S.A

start from 2016

Peace license

Farzad Kafaei
Harold Lupogan

FrontEnd Developer

Wordpress Cms developer

Nationality : Filipino (Philippines)

start from 2016

Farzad Kafaei
Farzad Kafaei

Dr Shahab Mirzaean

The first time I saw my website I only could say one thing...'This is so much better than what I could imagine'. It is really great to get something you couldn't even imagine...

اولین باری که وب سایت خودم رو دیدم فقط یک چیز تونستم بگم. این خیلی بهتر از اون چیزیه که میتونستم تصور کنم. خیلی سخته یک طراح به شما چیزی بالاتر از تصورتون ارایه کنه...

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